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Hundreds of thousands of stray dogs born in the street are in need of your support. Our volunteers are out there rescuing as many as they possibly can. Adopt or support a Romanian stray dog!

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Give Me Shelter

Give Me Shelter Romanian Stray Dogs Rescue is a non profit charity organisation based in United Kingdom aiming to provide a safe and decent shelter for the Romanian stray dogs. We are here to link you with rescuers that dedicated their heart, time and savings to rescue stray dogs. Here you can adopt a dog or give shelter to an unfortunate one or participate in our actions.

Romanian Stray Dogs

A lot of good hearted people are saving dogs in a country where they are abused and resources are scarce. With your help, a lot more dogs can be saved and placed in loving families. That’s our mission. That is what we want to do: to link good honest rescuers and fosters with animal lovers who want to help. This is the place where you can adopt or support a Romanian stray dog

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There are tens of thousands of stray dogs on the streets in Romania, dying of hunger or of illness and authorities are overwhelmed and the only solution found was lethal injection. If you are a real animal lover, this is the place to be. This is the place to start making a difference. This is your chance to actually save a life.

We dream of a world without dogs on the street. We aim to find a loving family and to offer a comforting life to all stray dogs.


To offer support for Romanian stray dogs.
To support rescuers sterilise as many dogs to minimise street dog population. To offer stray dogs shelter, medical care and a home.

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Peace of Mind Yes, That Simple...

We offer transparency, updates and all the information needed to make a decision saving a Romanian stray dog.

For peace of mind, we meet in person and we do all the background checks for any person registering as “RESCUER” to make sure all the funds are going in the right places.​

Stray Dogs

Latest Stories

Latest Stories, News and Updates about Romanian Stray Dogs, volunteers and dog rescuers.


Cristia was a volunteer since we have started helping Romanian strays. Since then she has saved and sheltered over 300 dogs that have been happily adopted in UK, France, Germany through reputed adoption organisations. She


Mum Bambi Benny Berry Finley Sirena Before Christmas our volunteers shared the Christmas spirit by giving small gifts to the unfortunate people. In a remote village, in a remote home they have found an old


We cannot get enough situations like this and we cannot just not share this happy moments everywhere because…. well… just because 🙂 Thank you Cristia for all your efforts!


The way this 7 pups managed to survive is AMAZING.  They must be about 2 month old, but this little guys proved themselves. They dug 75 -100 cm galleries underground to make a shelter and


Mom with 8 pups found in the field. She was smart enough to hide them under a small bridge to protect them from cold and rain but also from sight of humans. Our volunteers found them,


An usual day in rescuing. A car stops, a gentlemen calls. Opening the truck there are 2 little faces looking scared at the rescuers. The story? Same story everyday – he found the pups thrown

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