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★ Dog transport at the end of November


Because things don’t always go smoothly as we’d like, at the end of November we decided to take ourselves 10 dogs to their adopters in France.

Long story short: There were some hiccups with the transporter, the shelters were overloaded, the adopters were waiting for the new family member so we decided to jump in the car and hit the road with the little guys in the back and drive from Romania to France. Easy-peasy. 🙂

And there was also a very nice surprise: Probably as a “thank you” or… We don’t know exactly what or how it happened, but all the adopters came with a little something for the shelters – dog food, blankets and other dogs accessories. 

We arrived back to Romania extremely tired after such a long trip but with a very nice feeling about the dogs getting home safe and in time and mostly about the adopters – it is so nice when you work with such great people.

You can donate too, if you’d like to help some other unfortunate little pups.

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