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Controlled breeding of dogs with pedigree and raising them in a regulated manner and making a profit out of it is something that everybody can understand.

But this is not our case and it is really sad when this things actually happen because our story doesn’t have a happy end – at least not at this point. There are our volunteers out there and they are trying to minimize the damage but the worst has already happened.

We are not trying to point fingers, ruffle the feathers nor judging people with this story. But we want to raise attention to those who are buying dogs from this kind of people.

The main characters of this story are Mr and Mrs X – we are calling them “X” because, as I already said, we’re not trying to point fingers. They were breeding dogs in their backyard in their own way – no papers, no regulations, no taxes, no proper care for the dogs but nice profits.

Everything went nice and smooth until Mr and Mrs X got divorced and Mrs X got fired from her job. So Mrs X finds herself in a really bad situation, unemployed with no income and in her backyard over 100 dogs started to breed uncontrolled making more and more half breed puppies.

And we will not debate again the fact that the Romanian streets are already packed with stray half breeds starving and dying out there. But in this situation we will mention the fact that Mrs X was about to throw them all out in the street to starve and die. What made her take this decision? Probably when she found herself with no income and unable to feed so many dogs she got scared when the dogs started eating each other.

This is when we found out about the situation and we stepped in. Last week our volunteers went there and took 9 dogs and today they took 6 more. There are other people coming to take some more but not enough to cover all the dogs Mrs X has in her back yard. Most probably whatever remains without someone to pick them up will end up in a public shelter where, by law, they will get a lethal injection in another 14 days. If there is anybody willing to sponsor these dogs and save them, feel free to donate – we have room for few more dogs but we need to stay covered for food and vet for the ones we’ve already got.

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